(Poynter Institute) If tomorrow's journalists are to report and write about a dynamic, increasingly diverse society,they'll need guidance in the classroom. Whatever the course, there's a place for teaching diversity--issues of race, ethnicity, gender and other differences--across the journalism curriculum. [..]

(Poynter Institute) To report and write accurately and fairly about people, you need to understand and navigate a culture or community, including your own. Improve your ability to cover different cultures, communities and individuals who are often missing or inaccurately portrayed in news stories. [..]

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today launched a new website to promote its Ethical Journalism Initiative (EJI) Campaign about making core values of journalism an integral part in today’s media worldwide. [..]

(Knight Center) Authorities in Guyana were seeking the blogger(s) who alarmed thousands of people with a false report that a commercial bank had requested a $5 million bailout to avert a collapse, the Associated Press reports. The bank denied the report, and police called it "erroneous, wicked and intended to cause public mischief." Author: Dean Graber Source: http://knightcenter. [..]

(Knight Center) After Colombia's intelligence agency was accused of eavesdropping on journalists , judges, and opposition members, government employees have suggested that Semana magazine, which revealed the espionage, purchased information for its story. [..]

(Knight Center) The chairman of the University of Mississippi's Department of Journalism , Samir Husni (known as "Mr. Magazine" ), says he'll launch the center in August at the campus in Oxford, Miss. It will serve as a non-profit think tank that will further the future of print, Folio magazine reports. Author: Maya Srikrishnan Source:http://knightcenter.utexas. edu/blog/? [..]

(Knight Center) Six years after extending the period that official documents can remain secret, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso says he signed the document "as routine" without knowing its content, the Forum for the Right to Access Public Information reports. Author: Eva Menezes /DG Source:

(Knight Center) President Manuel Zelaya accused the opposition National Party and the private media of exaggerating the nation's violence statistics with the purpose of raising the profile of its candidate, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, Proceso Digital reports. Author: Ingrid Bachmann /DG Source:

(Knight Center)The president instructed governors and mayors to draw "the map of the media war," to determine which media are "owned by the oligarchs," El Universal reports. The announcement came during his weekly radio program Aló Presidente (Hello President). Author: Ingrid Bachmann /DG Source:

( Editor and Publisher) The New York Times is joining the growing world of local "citizen journalism" with two Web sites launching Monday focused on five specific communities in New Jersey and Brooklyn, N.Y. [..]