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With so many sexual assault and rape cases coming in to light every day and media coverage growing manifold, The Hoot has compiled the laws and guidelines for the journalists reporting such cases.§ionId=54&valid=true

UNESCO has launched the Global Casebook of Investigative Journalism, which serves as a complement to its successful publication “Story-Based Inquiry: A Manual for Investigative Journalists” (UNESCO 2009). The Casebook aims to enable and enhance the exchange of good practices and networking in investigative journalism worldwide. [..]

(Knight Centre) What can be done to improve media coverage on international migration in the Americas? More than 50 journalists, specialists, and NGO representatives met in 2011, in Austin, TX, to discuss this issue.The highlights of their discussion is now available on a digital booklet by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas which can be downloaded in Spanish and English .

The challenge of objectivity, impartiality and balance in journalism is faced daily by journalists, but there is no test of professionalism greater than that posed in the heat and pressure of a bitterly-fought political election. How do journalists cope with these pressures? How can they enforce professional guidelines and rules which will help them to put all sides of an argument? [..]

The toolkit is designed as a flexible set of resources that can be used in many situations. It consists of : a DVD with : clips from current television programmes to illustrate patterns of gender portrayal specially produced video examples of interview styles and reporting styles written text that includes recent research data and discussion questions a trainers’ manual Read more

(BBC College of Journalism) Read mor e

Find out what policy and strategy on diversity are in place at the BBC, please visit HERE . Useful links: Creative Diversity Network BBC Diversity Strategy BBC Trust Equality & Diversity site

Guidelines ratified by the National Union of Journalists (UK and Ireland). You can download the PDF version HERE . Statement on race reporting 1. The NUJ believes that the development of racist attitudes and the growth of fascist parties pose a threat to democracy, the rights of trade union organisations, a free press and the development of social harmony and well-being. 2. [..]