Media Against Racism in Sport (MARS)

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The MARS Project

The International/European Federation of Journalists is partnering with Council of Europe (CoE) in a project aiming to combat racism in sports through the improvement of journalism standards in the media. This project is a joint programme funded by the European Commission and the Council of Europe. Other partners include Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS), Community Media Forum in Europe (CMFE), Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation (Fairplay), Media Animation, and Union of European Football Association (UEFA).


The MARS programme will create a European media network against racism and for intercultural dialogue as an open and permanent platform of dialogue and action between mainstream media and diversity and ethnic minority media.

It will aim at stimulating media cross-practices in the field of training, production and editorial management with the view to implementing an inclusive and intercultural approach to media content production.


A series of activities, including work exchange programmes for media professionals, and national conferences, will be launched in the coming months.

For more information and ways to participate in this exciting project, please visit MARS website, or contact Yuk Lan Wong ( of the EFJ or Ellsworth Camilleri ( of the CoE.

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Media against Racism in Sport