Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness (MEDIANE)

The International/European Federation of Journalists is cooperating with the Council of Europe in a programme in promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the media.

The Ethical Journalism Initiative website is a campaign to rekindle old values in media worldwide launched by the International Federation of Journalists. The future of media is the hot topic everywhere, particularly as journalists and others wrestle with the rapid changes in the way journalism works.

For more information about the MEDIANE programme, please visit the Council of Europe website, check out upcoming activities and get involved in the European Media Exchanges

Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

EJI Europe: A Campaign to Fight Discrimination through Freedom of Expression and the Highest Professional Standards of Journalism Media against Racism in Sport (MARS)

In troubled times of political tension, social conflict and economic turbulence people yearn for reliable and quality information. Journalism provides the analysis, context and commentary that keep citizens informed and allows them to play their part in the life of society.

The role of media in helping to build democracy has never been more important, but how will journalism in future deliver the service people need?

Traditional private and public sector models of media are under reconstruction as markets adapt to historic changes taking place in the way people communicate with one another. Unfortunately, quality journalism has been a casualty as media managers and owners have cut editorial budgets, reduced investment in journalism and created a precarious work environment for hundreds of thousands of media staff.

Journalists and their unions and associations say we need to invest in quality information and quality journalism. Our stories, on whatever platform they are distributed, will have impact and build public trust when they have style and relevance and when they nourish and enhance the values that make journalism an integral part of democracy. This is why the Ethical Journalism Initiative has been launched by the International Federation of Journalists and its member organisation across the globe.

This website provides information about the Initiative – it contains a book, To Tell you the Truth, which is an introduction to the background and some of the key themes to consider in building an ethical environment for journalism. There is also information about current project activities and programmes, some key texts and links to a network of campaigns and groups striving to make journalism work for democracy.